What do you mean there is no time?

Argh… I have no time…

How many times do you think that in a week or even a day? The reality of most people’s situations is yes they are busy but they badly mismanage their time.

I used to piss about A LOT and I would tell myself I was busy working… Some of it was work but I would spend too long on social media getting caught up in things that were totally irrelevant or even worse… made me feel bad.

I recently had to remove myself from a group on Facebook because I realised that it was making me feel sad… The group is a ‘supportive’ group for single girls to chat about dating life, get advice and support from each other… The concept is a great idea, the reality however left me thinking that there are no decent men in this world… I ditched that group and watch First Dates instead, that has restored my faith in the fact that there are decent people out there looking for real relationships.

Anyway, back to this time wasting… Before the removal of my facebook app from my phone there were so many times I have been sitting with some free time and thought I must go and get my kindle to read that book I wanted to read and 2 hours later I had not moved because I had been trawling through the Facebook news feed in search of something interesting and then all of a sudden it’s time to leave the house or time for bed.

I used to get really annoyed with myself… good news is… it can change… I did it and I have every faith that you can too!

I had to get disciplined. I set myself goals. When I was studying at uni it was 2 journals or 2 hours then a break. And it was a proper break with food and TV time to switch off. Now I pretty much have the same discipline in my business. I look at my To Do list and take action on the high priority items. I don’t clear everything every day and I take my down time to eat away from the laptop and I am way more productive when I do sit down to work.

Top Tips for Making the Most of YOUR Time

–         Work out what times of the day you are most productive and work round that schedule

-          Switch off social media and set an allocated time for it

-          Write a to do list and delegate the crap you don’t want to do or can’t do (I employ a virtual          assistant to do the techy stuff for me, she is AMAZING)

-          Use a calendar to plan out your week: work, study, gym, travel time, plans with friends, social media, networking etc. and stick with it

-          Get people to schedule round you, don’t schedule around other people

-          Don’t bother with ironing (your body heat will take the worst of the creases out)

-          Use TiVo or whatever Sky has for recording shows and watch in your allocated TV time

-          Invest in a food processor (I made soup and a carrot cake in less than an hour)

-          Plan and prepare your meals and snacks, bulk cook and freeze portions

You will be surprised how much time you can get for you when you schedule and actually stick to it. You won’t feel guilty when you take time off because you know everything is getting done, and if the guilt does try to creep in remind yourself how hard you work the rest of the time, you have a schedule to prove it…

If you still find that guilt gets in the way then you need to start to learn that it’s okay to be selfish, self-care is massively important to help you be more productive in your productivity time, whether that is business work or family work, you can only deliver your best when you are at your best. The Warrior Woman Project teaches you exactly that… there are only a couple of days left to arrange your chat to see if the programme is right for you & remember the first 5 women to sign up get a FREE bonus one to one session with me.

Next round starts on Monday so don’t leave it, all you need to do is head over to www.freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project and complete the form.

Jen x

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