What did you say?

Yesterday we were looking at your actions… Did you notice a pattern? Do you see the things you are doing to try and comfort yourself that are doing your health more harm than good? The temporary quick fix creates a longer term problem…

With these longer term problems comes negative self chat. I have spoken to you before about how you talk to yourself.

While you are noticing the actions listen to the self talk as well, what sort of mean things do you say to yourself?

Take a step back and listen, imagine you overhead that conversation happening between 2 ‘friends’, what would you think? Would you not want to comfort the one that is being attacked and make her feel better about herself?

When was the last time you congratulated or complimented or were nice to yourself?

Is it time you gave yourself a break and started being good to yourself?

I hope you are being nicer to yourself this week

Jen x

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