What a fine Tuesday

I am pretty sure that I have spoken to you about the book that I am writing (if not then I am writing a book) Warrior Woman Project: The Instruction Manual When Happiness is the Ultimate Goal.
It is getting to the exciting stages now that I have sent some chapters out to very respected friends and fellow business women for feedback on the content.

Over the next 5 weeks I will be taking on board their feedback and filing in some blanks before reaching out for an editor and proof reader to fine tune it then we will be good to publish so that we will be on sale mid-December (add it to your Christmas wish list now 😉 )

The stage of being terrified has now passed and I am just getting excited now. If you are part of the 31 Days Healthier Happier group we are at day 23 now and will be restarting in a week if you want to joinhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/367489410088133/one of the days is create a happy space.

My flatmate recently moved out in to her own place (just round the corner so we can still regularly catch up) and I have reshuffled my house to create my happy spaces… I now have the spare room set up as a work space (now doing sports massage from the house if anyone is in need), the living room is a chilling, reading, listening to music/audiobooks /podcast space and the kitchen is a food space.

The energy in the house feels totally different now.

I have my spaces that are all allocated and they are not a mish mash of work in every room where I feel I can’t switch off…

I do now have an entire 2 bed house to myself so every room is my own space but if you live with other people I think it is really important for you to make a space, a corner of a room, whatever you can claim for your own and make it a space you want to hang out in. Where you can switch off, or switch on whatever you personally need…

Take the time to make your space and enjoy it…

With love this fine Tuesday

Jen x

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