Welcome to the fun house

As adults we need to relearn or remind ourselves to have fun!
We get so caught up in work, stress, drama, ‘being an adult’ that we forget what fun is…
There is scientific evidence that having fun is good for us (and we know I love scientific research) fun reduces our stress hormones, helps us sleep better, feel better, look better and makes us happy…

That is really all most of us want in life is to be happy…

Fun for each of us it will be something completely different… I am no adrenaline junkie so adventure sports and anything to do with heights is not my idea of fun at all…

– go to the swing park
– watch comedies
– go to a museum/ gallery
– go to the science centre
– play crazy golf
– learn a new hobby
– read books/ write/ draw/ paint
– meet friends that make you laugh
– do daft stuff like you did when you were a kid
– get dressed up for absolutely no reason
– get dressed up and go somewhere special
– dancing
– roller-skating
– cycling
– adventure sports
… The list is endless and completely up to you what is fun for you…

Make a promise to yourself that this weekend to do something fun and then start scheduling it in to your week to work up to getting fun time in every single day.

Its time we started to put more fun in to our lives and remember what its like to be care free (watch little kids and learn from them)


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