We Are Warrior Women And You Can Be To

We can all be that person that we really don’t like.

Needy, insecure, when we look at where we are and where we are heading thinking ‘really?? Is this it? Is this what I get up every morning for?’ Or you are waiting for Prince Charming to save you / a lottery win / miracle to happen (delete as appropriate).

Bad news, no one can save you but you, even with all the money in the world you won’t be happy unless you change inside and miracles are down to you to make them happen.

I get you have become so blind sighted and overwhelmed that you have disconnected with your dreams (maybe people were telling you that they were ridiculous, to get your head out the clouds or your head is full of broken biscuits – you don’t listen to them when they are talking sense so why listen to that crap?)

Your lack of self-belief at the moment has made you so unenthusiastic about life that you numb the pain with a ‘wee glass of wine to help you wind down’ at the end of the day then the bottle or 3 at the weekend because you are ‘letting your hair down and having fun’ until you feel like you are going to die when you wake up in the morning and start the whole depressing routine again the following week.

This lack of self-respect and self-belief gives you the validation to give up at the first hurdle and you promise to your self (lie) that you are going to start on Monday… You just don’t commit to a specific Monday.

This fake version of you is wearing you down, you are exhausted emotionally and physically (it’s hard work being someone that you’re not) all you want to do is scream, stamp your feet, have a cry, run away and start again. All you need to do is drop the bullshit and be the real you (I shit you not, it’s easier than you think).

How are your relationships? Partner? Family? Friends? Colleagues? We already know your relationship with yourself is strained. How much genuine laughter and fun happens with these people? How well do you communicate with them? Do you feel confident and sexy around your partner? Do you avoid family events because all you do is fight? Do your friends bring the best out of you? Do you work well with your colleagues leading and being lead?

Imagine you can get up tomorrow and just be you, the real genuine version of you, no mask, no kidding on, no dutch courage, just the cool, calm, sexy, independent you.

Maybe when you go to work you are the confident, strong, leader that communicates exactly what you need to communicate and gets it all done. People look up to you and respect you. There is no reason that all those positive attributes can’t walk out the door with you at the end of the day and transfer across the rest of your life.

Or do you not like who you are at work? Maybe that version of you is cold, hard, unemotional and demanding when really you are a warm, fuzzy, easy going lovable ball of emotion just desperate to hug someone and tell them to lighten up.

The first step to being a Warrior Woman is understanding who YOU are. What makes you tick, sets your ass on fire with excitement and gets you jumping out your bed in the morning feeling alive and ready to take on whatever the universe has to throw at you.

It could be that you already have found what you want in life through your work and you just need to find a way to cross that confidence, strength, passion, resilience over in to your personal life.  Or you have this hobby that just makes you feel free, calm, grounded and connected with that part of your world and you need to find a way to take that to your working life.

How good would it feel to be secure about who you are and what you see in the mirror that you inspire the people around you, you support them to be their genuine selves. You will be open to attracting the right people and the right things in to your life. I know that when I wasn’t being my genuine self I attracted some right nutters in to my world.

If you can be honest with yourself about what it is you want, you will be that fearless, badass that can independently go forward, being better every time.

In your genuine self, you will be able to openly communicate with the people around you.

In your genuine self, you will wake up enthusiastic about the day ahead.

In your genuine self, you are living passionately, with integrity and freedom.

All Warrior Women want to be free, free from the negative bullshit that holds us back.

We need to stop with the nonsense.

Just tell yourself ‘Fuck it! I can do this, I can be me, it’s over, I have had enough, I wan to be me NOW, not who other people think I should be’.

I am a Warrior Woman!

Now you want to know HOW you can be a Warrior Woman.

There are 3 levels of Warrior

Ultimate Warrior Woman

The Ultimate Warrior Woman Project (You have no time to waste, you want to get it done, one to one, me and you sorting shit out). This is an application only project, I only take on a few Ultimate Warrior Women each year for this 90 day project, its for women who are no excuses, don’t want to waste time, are ready to take the trampoline assisted leap. One to one fast track to freedom covering it all, your head, your body (yes that will be exercise) and your nutrition (you have no idea how much will change when you start to eat right).

To submit your application please click on this link>>  https://warriorwomanproject.wufoo.com/forms/ultimate-warrior-woman/

Warrior Woman One to One

The next level is a slower paced 120 day project Warrior Woman One to One Project, it’s for women who still want it all but want more time to absorb and take smaller steps but feel they would benefit from one to one time. We still cover head, body and nutrition just at a less intense pace.

To submit your application please click on this link>>  https://warriorwomanproject.wufoo.com/forms/warrior-woman-one-to-one-project/

Or, if you have more time and would rather be part of a group there is the class which I recommend that you join for a minimum of 3 months to get the full benefit.

Warrior Woman Project

This is where it all started Warrior Women Project, this is where we work together as a group. Your weekly class where we work together through group discussion (yes you need to speak to other people) for the first half of the class and the second half we work through your body (yes exercise, sometimes its relaxation).

When: Saturdays, 11am-12pm

Where: SDTA, 101 Park Rd, Glasgow, G4 9JE (Just behind the Stand Comedy Club at the end of Woodlands Rd).

How much: £40 per month

What’s included: weekly class, VIP Facebook group for continual support, equipment (your own mat, tennis ball for mobilisation, resistance band), weekly tasks, notebook, pen, a whole lot of support to find the genuine you and your freedom.

To book:

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