Turning on the positive

Have you been keeping a gratitude journal? If you have had the 31 days of self-care ebook or been following me for a while now you will have heard me talk about it before.

For those of you who missed it or have let it slip from your daily routine I strongly suggest that you get yourself a nice journal to keep by your bed to keep note of your gratitude.

Start your day with gratitude to set you up for the day.
End your day with gratitude to remind yourself of the wonderful day.
Regular purposeful practice will become second nature and very quickly you will be grateful for the abundant life you have. It can be a bit tough at the start, if your head is in a negative space or you don’t know what you are grateful for.

You can be grateful for the comfy bed, or roof over your head, the food in the fridge, your family, your friends, the compliment that someone gave you totally unexpected, the compliment you gave totally unexpected to the person receiving it, a conversation with someone…

Gratitude is anything that you are thankful for, makes you smile, just makes your day that little bit better.

The good thing about keeping a journal and writing in it every day is you have something to read over when you are feeling a bit down to remind you of all the great things and starting and ending the day writing a couple of things down makes you more aware of it and you start looking out for more things through the day… which in turn makes you see the good in the day and puts and keeps you in a better mood.

Go be grateful

Jen x

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