To Change or Not To Change

If you don’t love the life you are living then change the stuff you don’t like… or…

Someone brought to my attention the other day that you don’t necessarily need to make changes to your life to make it happier, you can make changes to how you look at your life and that will make the difference.

When you find something that you are passionate about, your hobby that you decide to make a career out of and you end up doing that thing every single day to the point where you stop enjoying it as much and it begins to feel like a chore that you need to do…

I got like that with fitness, I have been in the industry now for nearly 7 years and for 4 of those years I wasn’t just working in the industry, I was studying and learning to get my degree. There came a point that I got pretty sick of everything I was looking at being related to fitness (but I loved it and felt really conflicted).

It had all stopped being fun for me, and I am a geek and love to learn but 7 days a week with the pressure of assessments and assignment due dates the fun had gone.

Once the last assignment was handed in you would think that I would have put all the journals and text books away and taken a break from it…

I didn’t.

The difference for me was that once the high pressure deadline reading was over was that I really enjoyed what I was reading and learning and that when I looked at it from the point that I get to read, learn and develop rather than I have to do it I got the fun and enjoyment back.

I still read journals from time to time. I still read textbooks. I have added in a few more topics to expand my knowledge in more areas.

Things to remember when it starts to feel dull…

Be grateful for what is in your life, assess your goals and dreams.

If there are things you used to love that now feel like a chore, remind yourself why you used to love it to re-spark the feelings.

It’s not always about change, it’s sometimes mind-set and perspective.

Have fun

Jen x

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