This always surprises me

On my birthday I pretty much demanded that you shared your fears with me… THANK YOU for doing that.

Don’t worry, I am not about to share your secrets with the world but what I will share is something interesting as it was a common theme across the board.

Everyone that responded had a fear of the unknown and/or failure…

Good to know that you are not alone, and neither am I.

As humans we are conditioned to search for familiarity to feel safe and secure. That certainty is what we are looking for anytime we learn anything new.

When we learned to walk, we repeat actions until our muscles worked correctly to let us move freely and safely.

When we learned to read, repeated actions until there was a flow, familiarity and understanding

When we learn to drive a car, we are repeating actions until it becomes familiar and we feel safe behind the wheel.

Everything that we have ever done started out as unfamiliar, uncertain and unsafe (maybe not the reading but possibly walking and definitely driving).

When there is something now that we want to do, why is it that we focus on the times and things that we failed at or lost out on rather than the millions of successes we have had when we eventually got it right and became successful.

If you were to think about walking… If you focused on all those times that you fell down, struggled to get back up, wobbled and tripped you would be stuck forever in the one place.

Maybe, rather than worrying about what might happen, or what happened the last time, can we change the thinking to what we want, what we know doesn’t work (from previous failures), what might work and that maybe we will get it right (and if we don’t then it’s just another one to add to the nope, try again box)…

Too often we get caught up worrying about what other people think of us or what other people might say if we don’t get things to work…

What do you think about people who try and fail and try again? I personally think they are bloody brave, so do other people that I have had this discussion with… It always surprises me (but at the same time not really) to why do we think that anyone else is going to think differently about us!? **

** there is always an arsehole that thinks they are better than everyone else, ignore them, they are the exception to the rule.

Just something for you to ponder over

Jen x

PS I can highly recommend visiting the Sharmanka Russian Kinetic Puppet Theatre



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