The purpose of life

The purpose of life is to have a fucking awesome time.

On our monthly reviews of goal setting, that should be where your priority focus should be, your dream and whatever your dream is, it’s your dream, it’s important to you and it’s about you having a fucking awesome time in life.

If you are thinking ‘that’s not really the picture that I am seeing here’ we need you to take a step back, sometimes the close inspection of life looks bleak but when you step back you see what’s really going on.

You might really love your work and that is fantastic that you do. If you really don’t love it you have some questions to ask yourself:

Why are you still there?

What would you rather be doing?

Does your job even though you don’t love it mean that you can live the life that you want, it just funds the lifestyle you want? – This one is okay, as long as you understand what you are getting from the job, don’t wallow in the dislike and keep focus on what it actually gives you. I have a few friends that are teachers, they in principal love the teaching element of their job, hate the stress and politics that they are loaded with outside the classroom but they have the benefit of their holidays off with their kids, good pay and a pension…

There are likely always some things in life that don’t rock your boat all the time, that is just life and some of it we need to accept and roll with, that is the unfortunate part of being an adult that adults don’t tell you about when you are a kid and all you want is to be a grown up so you can make all your own decisions…

The important thing is to be able to take those steps back and see the bigger picture, where you are heading, what the outcomes are, why you are doing what you are doing…

If nothing fit’s your dream then it has to be you that takes control and makes the changes that you need to so you are getting on track.

When you start making excuses and putting blocks in your way that is when you need to look at why you don’t want to move forward, what is it that you are scared of? What is it that you think might go wrong?

These are some of the things that we are going to be looking at in the Perfectly Imperfect workshop on Sat 14th May ( )

In the meantime, now you know the purpose of life, it is time to have a fucking awesome time

Lots of love

Jen x

PS I haven’t forgotten, you should be getting much more comfortable and seeing the benefits of connecting with more people, let me know how you are getting on

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