The number 1 rule is…

The rule is… There are no rules

That statement in itself is very liberating (for me anyway) mostly because I don’t like to get in to trouble.

I have come across this statement a few times recently… in business planning and marketing, in building relationships (romantic and platonic) diet and nutrition plans and dealing with people in general.

There are of course many people who tell you that if you follow their plan to the letter you will earn X amount of millions of pounds or you will drop a dress size in a week or you will find the man/woman of your dreams or whatever it is they are trying to sell you…

And that is fine, their system worked for them but that is not to say it will work for you…

How many different diet books, programmes, systems are there on sale and new ones popping up weekly?!

Having an outline to follow is good for many people, but listening to your gut instincts will take you further and to the right place in a much faster time.

Know and understand your values, and pay attention to how you feel, go with the feeling.

If you have an idea that you want to pursue as a business, go for it, if it fails, so what, at least you will know and if it flies then that is amazing.

If you went on a date and really enjoyed it and want to text the person to tell them, do it, don’t wait the 2-3 days so you don’t seem too keen (if they don’t like that, then they weren’t the one for you anyway).

If you want to eat cake all day every day, then do that… just don’t expect to be healthy or happy in the long term.

You should never feel guilty for following a feeling…

Happy Tuesday

Jen x

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