The last month of the year

The last month of the year… I didn’t get myself an advent calendar this year… last year I forgot to open it most days and ended up just eating all the chocolates from it in one sitting…

I also decided that I am going to go sugar free until Christmas… Just a last minute goal I decided to add on to my list…

When I say no sugar, that means there will be no processed sugar – sweets, chocolate, anything with added sugar or sweeteners, no fruit, no dried fruit, no maple syrup, no cakes, pastries, crumpets and alcohol…

The only thing I will allow myself is my Manuka honey that I take to try and keep the nasty helicobacter pylori from flaring up. It also seems to help keep colds and other viruses at bay so 1 teaspoon of that will do me more good than harm.

I would LOVE for you guys to join me… Who is up for it? I know this is a bit last minute but you can start from tomorrow. Team work and support will get us through.

I can feel some of you getting in to a panic already… Veggies like peppers, carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash and peas all have a sweetness to them that take the edge off… Making sure that you are eating plenty of veg, good quality proteins and carbs like oats, quinoa and rye that fill you up and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

If 24 days is way out of your reality because you have Christmas parties and other things going on that your willpower will be pushed way beyond what you want to experience, go for Sunday to Thursday each week instead.

Challenge yourself outside your comfort zone and prioritise your health for the rest of this year.

Yeah I did really just set you that challenge

Jen x

PS Don’t forget: The workshop, if you have not already secured your seat please head over to book your seat, remember you can bring a friend for £5. If you know anyone that would benefit from the workshop of these emails please forward them on, send them over to my website to sign up or if you think they would benefit from my online course there are so many ways to connect with us here at the Warrior Woman Project the more people we can encourage and get involved the happier we will all be…


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