The Influence Of Habit

Over the last few emails there has been a focus on listening to our gut and moving forward in your life rather than staying stagnant or feeling stuck. Any small change is a change and movement away from where you are right now…

Let’s have a look at your habits.

Habits either take you away from your goals (not ideal) or towards them (ideal).

Have a think about what you do each day… Is what you do on a daily basis productive or counter-productive??

Whether it’s your health, business, fitness, happiness it really doesn’t matter what area of your life, it is the habits are what make the difference.

I had a conversation in the gym the other day with 2 students who told me they had started to come to classes in the morning time and because they had done the work then they wanted to be healthy for the rest of the day, where when they were leaving the gym to later if they had eaten crap all day they didn’t see the point or have the energy to get to the gym.

Just by rescheduling their day and creating one new habit they were able to positively influence the rest of their day,

Pay attention today to all the things they do and be aware of how each decision can influence the rest of your day…


With love

Jen x


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