The 1st of February

The 1st of February, that means a few things… 26 days until my birthday AND if you haven’t already you need to review your goals, make sure you are either on track to achieving them or are prepared to change direction.

Remember what Col. Chris Hadfield said; go after that perfect day…. Even if you never achieve absolute perfection, know that you did everything in your power to take you that way.

I am pretty sure I have said this before, but I will say it again… It is okay to change your mind if you discover what you thought you wanted wasn’t actually what you wanted.

Let’s take a weight loss goal as an example.

You said you want to lose 2 stone by summer.

To lose 2 stone it means you need to eat in the house every single night to control and count your calories. You need to prepare and pack all your lunches and snacks for the following day the night before. You need to be in the gym every single morning at 6am meaning you really need to be in bed the night before at 9pm. To do all this to achieve your weight loss goal you need to give up going for dinner with your friends, catching up with people over coffee (the cakes need to be out of sight out of mind), you don’t get to kick back with a glass of wine on a Friday night, you miss your favourite show that is on at 10pm and if you stay up to watch it you are exhausted the next day…

There are a whole lot of sacrifices being made to meet that goal and you are not happy because you are missing time with people, you feel more stressed because there are massive regimented changes to your lifestyle… This is not a long term plan that you want to be your life…

That is okay! That kind of lifestyle is only for certain people. Most of us want some freedom to have meals out, kick back and not feel guilty if we miss the gym.

You need to find the balance that works for you.

Go back to the drawing board… Create a lifestyle that makes you happy and that you look forward to. Make some compromises, choose the healthy option meal, go for coffee and share the cake, go to the gym every other day… Yes the results will come a bit slower, but you will be happier and less likely to give up entirely.

This is just an example for weight loss…It can be applied to anything. Whatever your change, if you go in all guns blazing, full lifestyle turnaround there is a good chance it won’t last (only for a very small minority it will).

Keep it real. Do what makes you happy

Jen x


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