That was yesterday… this is today

Off the back of this week’s emails I have had a few conversations that have highlighted somethings to me.

When we think about our goals and future and even things we start but don’t finish we connect it with what has happened in the past.

The thing is, we don’t live in the past. The same as we don’t live in the future. We live in the now, here right now, today.

What you did yesterday isn’t important today. It was important yesterday to today but today it’s gone, we can’t change what has happened. What you do today though IS important for tomorrow.

Does that make sense?

You can’t change the past. You can’t fix what has gone. You can learn from it but you need to let go to move forward.

Don’t get me wrong, some things are big, and tough to deal with, grief, making an apology if its needed, dealing with a situation that has left you unsettled, upset or angry. Sometimes you need to clear the air or get something off your chest to feel better and be able to move on.

You need to acknowledge what happened, how it made you feel, feel the emotion but don’t cling on to it, try not to replay the drama in your head (the memory of it is always heaps worse than the reality).

If you need to be sad / angry / frustrated / hurt then be. Don’t fight it.

But, today is a new day.

I am guilty of this too.

When I spoke to one of my friends about things that were holding me back in my personal life he associated it with giving up smoking.  ‘You just need to stop and move forward. ‘

Your metaphorical smoking might be that you need to forgive yourself, if you have never smoked and that metaphor doesn’t work for you, maybe its cake, or alcohol, or drugs, or crisps or chocolate… whatever it is, it’s a habit that you need to give up.

It’s going to be the little efforts that count. Every day you need to do little things to achieve results and move forward. It’s your baby steps… Sometimes those baby steps are tiny, sometimes they will almost be adult steps and sometimes you will fall on your arse. Take motivation from a baby… They always get back up and try again, and keep going until they have mastered it.

Today is the day that you drop the shit, stop procrastinating, take a deep breath read through your list from yesterday of unfinished or un started goals and get your plan in to action.

If it’s your career, every day you need to do something to make you better, to make your business better, you want to be able to go on holidays and afford nice clothes and do fun stuff.

If it’s your health, every day you need to work towards that goal… having cake every day is not going to make you feel good in the long run or get you any closer to feeling less bloated and more comfortable in your clothes.

If it’s your fitness, every day you need to be active. Yes you need time to recover, but how much time depends on how much time you put in. You still need to move as much as possible to get confidence and that body you want to see in the mirror. Get yourself a fitbit or something similar that tracks your movement so you can see in black and white how active or inactive you actually are.

I’m not telling you that it’s going to be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it and everyone would be achieving their goals and the world would be a happy peaceful place.

It will be worth it for you to feel happier about your life and the direction that you are going.

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Look forward to hearing from you, happy humpday

Jen x


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