Thank you, so grateful

Yesterday I got you thinking about your SAD and if it was actually real or just your view of your world.

I like to start you off with a thinker exercise.

Today I want to get you on track with staying positive, and the best, cheapest, easiest way to do that is for you to do a gratitude journal.

Some of you might already be doing it which is great. The chances of you having SAD are greatly reduced when you are already focusing on the good stuff that is happening in your world.

For the rest of you, get a notebook and leave it by your bed. Every morning and every evening write 3 things that you are grateful for.

It could be anything like your cosy bed, a great night sleep, exciting meetings set up for the day, the fact you have a job to get up and go to, that there is food in your fridge… What you are grateful for is entirely up to you. You can even have the same things repeating.

What you will notice as you get in to the habit of this (likely after 3 days) you will start noticing other things, more often my 3 things is way more than 3 because I can’t just pick 3 or as I start writing other things come to mind.

As you continue doing this it will become your routine, just like brushing your teeth it will help put you in a positive mind-set first thing in the morning and leave you with positive thoughts in your head as you go to sleep – brilliant for the people who start to get wound up by the idiot earlier in the day that pissed them off…

I get great feedback from my clients that have been doing this for a while.

It costs nothing (other than the price of the pen and paper), it takes minutes to do and can make you feel happier…

Win win if you ask me.

Have a fab Tuesday & thanks to those of you who have completed the survey for me, greatly appreciated

Jen x


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