Tech free for a day?

I love Day 7’s challenge. Tech-tox.

Taking time away from your techno gadgets (phone, tablet, laptop, PC etc) and connect with the real world.

For 1 day a week, do it. Leave your phone at home, don’t start up the laptop, switch it all off, obviously if you need it for work then you are going to have to do this on your day off.

But NO technology, if the thought of that is freaking you out (then you defo need to do this) start with meal times, the next week a couple of hours, then to half a day, then a whole day.

Go for a walk, read a real book (with actual pages), meet friends or family for tea / lunch, talk to people, people watch – play spot the person not on their phone, go to a museum, enjoy the scenery, walk in the countryside, go on the tourist bus round the city.

Get out of your social media (anti-social) world, away from images that make you feel crap about yourself, away from people that make you want to punch your laptop screen and enjoy some real world.

Let me know how you get on.

Just to remind you of the first 6 days:

Day 1 – Self-love letter, Day 2 – Meditate, Day 3 – Create a ritual, Day 4 – Take a bath, Day 5 – Eat mindfully, Day 6 – Go barefoot.

Jen x

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