Take some power back

Being ‘in power’ of your thoughts is freedom.

I got this emailed to be the other day…

‘I am finding your newsletters really helpful and feel much more ‘in power’ of what must be done in order to see results no longer see it as depriving myself but more of gaining a better me. Actually think I can do it this time!’

Taking control lets you worry less and live more.

Worrying doesn’t solve any problems. If anything worrying just makes them worse, your imagination runs away from you thinking the worst.

My friend Maria put it really well the other day, one tiny thought gets out of control in your head, next thing you know you have a starring role in Eastenders!

When something is out of your control, there is nothing you can do.

I remember once when I went for a massage, I forgot to put money in the meter, remembered half way through my massage… My choice: worry about if I had a ticket, or enjoy my massage and deal with the situation when I got back to my car.

At the end of the day I had forgotten to put money in so if I had a ticket it was my own fault. Thankfully I didn’t get a ticket and worrying about it would have done nothing but ruin Suze’s good work.

When something is in your control, do the best you can to sort it – and that usually comes down to your thoughts and how you react to it.

Do what makes you happy. Take control of your actions. Live for the moment. Take chances.

Believe what happens is meant to happen.

Jen x



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