When you feel stuck, what do you do to get unstuck?

Many of us (I include myself in this) have at some point just stayed there, stuck, head in the sand or complaining that it isn’t your fault, or waiting for someone else to come along and unstick you.

How bad do things need to be before you take action?

One of my clients needed a plan to get herself out the house, one of the joys of being self-employed is getting to work from home, one of the downfalls is you can be in the house for days on your own with very little contact to the outside world (depending on your job).

If you are on your own for too long it can really have an impact on your mood (in a really negative way) even if you are someone that enjoys their own company.

Anyway there was a need for my client to 1. Get out the house more and 2. Improve her fitness. Together we worked through a week schedule for her making sure that there were a few options for each day so that depending on what she had done the day before and what her needs for that particular day were she had options.

We always over-subscribed her week plan. She considered it being over optimistic to have something planned for every single day because there would be a feeling of failing if she didn’t get out to everything on the list. My point for having this kind of plan for her meant that when it came to the day she only had the decision to go or not to go and her desire to tick off the list meant that she had to have a genuine reason to not go.

I was so delighted to see the facebook status updates of all the successes she is having, each week seems to be more successful than the previous. She is genuinely getting a buzz and feeling great for it.

For me I sometimes wonder if something that seems so simple to me, like creating a structured plan for a week is enough. But when we see the results and the benefits at the other side I realise that for some people a structured plan is exactly enough and for others holding their hand a little bit more and actually taking them for their fitness sessions is exactly enough for them…

What is right for one isn’t necessarily right for another…

I am here to help whatever your need

With love

Jen x

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