Stay present to stay stress free

How present are you in your daily activities? I don’t often talk to you about exercise and movement but I am going to bring it to your attention today.

Do you ever get to the end of doing something and not remember anything that you did? I get it a lot when I am driving, especially on routes that I know really well. I arrive at my destination thinking how the hell did I get here? Did I run any red lights?

It happens a lot. I have been speaking to my class and personal training clients about that too. When you are first learning an exercise you concentrate on what it is you are doing, how your body is moving and what you can feel. Once you get used to the movement what often happens is you start to go through the motions and forget to think about what is going on.

All of a sudden you have worked through a class and you are thinking ‘that is getting much easier’… As an exercise feels like it is getting easier it means that your body is getting more efficient at doing it, it also can mean that your body has found an easier way to do the exercise and essentially it is cheating you out of a really good and effective workout.

The reason this came to my attention more recently was Jeanette one of my lovely Saturday morning Pilates ladies had a wee grumble as we started to do the shoulder bridge. When I asked her what it was she didn’t like about it she said that she didn’t feel it anymore and it felt like a waste of time. She used to really enjoy it as an exercise.

We spent some time taking the exercise right back to absolute basics and going through it in detail. We had a discussion after and she had realised that she had just disconnected from it. She knew what to do and had been drifting off as she went through the motions of the exercise.

It is so important that even when you know how to do something that you keep your mind and body connected all the way through.

When you are in a class this is not only highly effective in keeping you safe, letting you work that wee bit harder to get better results, but it also allows you to switch off from everything else that is going on in your world around you – HUGE destress time.

Whatever you choose to do as your activity; walking, running, cycling, weights, yoga, Pilates, or any other class, or activity, it could even be things with less movement like reading, writing or painting… keep your mind on your movement and posture staying present in what you are doing. Think about what should be happening, how it should feel how all the different parts of your body are connecting with each other.

Take the time to connect to help you stay stress free (and get much stronger).

Happy Monday

Jen x


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