Stay healthy and happy

I don’t really talk to you much about exercise or nutrition but I have had some people request that I throw in a bit here and there and Saturday Kitchen is pretty popular.

I have a few tips for you to try… These are tried and tested by myself and my personal training clients:

7 days no sugar – Remove all sugar from your diet for 7 days, fruit, bread, dairy, as well as any food containing sugar (you will have to read the labels). Day 3, 4 or 5 you may feel like ripping someone’s head off, you might have a bit of a headache, you might feel like eating every bit of sugar that you come in to contact with. Don’t. Stay strong. It will only last that one day (not all 3, it just peaks at different times with different people). The next day you will feel really good. You will feel more energetic. You will see a difference in your body. Sugar creates a lot of water retention… Your eyes will be brighter, your skin clearer.

Are you really hungry? – Many of us have been conditioned to have breakfast when we get up, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper and we stick to these times to eat without even thinking about whether or not we are hungry. This challenge, when you go to eat, check in with yourself, are you actually hungry? Or are you eating because it’s food time or because you are bored / fed up / upset / pissed off / feeling rebellious? If you are not sure, make a cup of tea, get a glass of water and have a drink. Most of us are seriously dehydrated, especially if we are in heating / air conditioning all day and not taking regular drinks.

10,000 steps a day – if you have a device to track your steps, use it. I have a fitbit and I am what I consider a bit obsessed with making sure I am getting my steps in every day. There are a few motives for this… 1st I have Vitality life insurance and I get free cinema tickets, starbucks, itunes vouchers and cash back for keeping active. I also have a bount app on my tablet that collects points to give you vouchers for keeping active too (sign up using referral code Wilson349 and we both get a bonus 100 points). I am part of a regular work week hustle step challenge where a group of us go up against each other to see who gets the most steps in each week… I am pretty competitive and have been champion more weeks than not. Until I got my fitbit I thought that I was fairly active, I do exercise regularly (every day) but recent research shows that just doing exercise each day isn’t enough if you are not getting the 10,000 steps in… Sitting is a killer, not just for our health but also our posture, bone density, mental health…

So, just a couple of pointers, cut out as much sugar as you can, check you are hungry when you go to eat and get your steps up…

Stay healthy and happy

Jen x

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