Start to stress less

Yesterday I asked you to start to get a list together working out what stressed you and identifying the ones that freaked you out the most.

And, to start breathing… How did you find changing your breathing? I have never really been aware of how shallow my breathing was until I started looking in to stress and the additional problems it could cause.

So why are we looking at stress this week?

Many of us have created a monster in our world trying to be everything to everyone except to ourselves (you will be more aware of that after last weeks self-love tasks).

We have created our own stress by not learning to say no, and that doesn’t just mean that we have shit loads more work to do. There are a whole host of knock on effects too…

How is your sleep?

How is your eating? Do you regularly over or under eat?

Do you need coffee to get you going in the morning?

How is your libido?

How many days off from work do you take where you take proper time out?

Do you find that you often can’t think straight or are forgetful?

Be honest with these answers, if you are waking up tired, need stimulants to get you going, don’t even think about sex never mind have it, and are on call 24/7 and can’t remember the last time you had a full day off all to yourself, you are stressed.

On average we only take about 18 days holiday a year (and I know many that take a lot less than that). In France they take an average of 7 weeks holiday a year… How nice would that be, and they have 2 days a week off too.

We look to the other European countries and see how chilled they are, we envy their laid back lifestyle, lazy mornings, siestas, family dinners, coffee, wine, bread, cakes… Yet, we don’t follow their example, we wish for it, but do nothing about trying to get it. Instead we work an extra couple of hours here and there, through days off thinking we can have that lifestyle when we retire…

If we don’t die from stress related illness first…

So how do we improve where we are?

From your list yesterday you should have established what you can ditch and what you genuinely need to deal with.

Become a time nazi… I am not kidding here, schedule every single minute of your day and stick to it. If someone else can’t fit in to your available times then they don’t get any of your time. You don’t drop everything to do stuff for other people. Schedule your down time, switch your phone off, only have open on your computer what you need, don’t get distracted by social media, focus on the task and get it done. When that reminder pops up, you down tools, go for your walk / tea / lunch whatever and come back fresher and more focused ready to go. You will get a whole lot more done in your day, I promise.

We are taking this stress combating one step at a time. If you find that you waste a lot of time on your phone, delete the apps, consider getting a phone that just makes calls and sends texts. We do not need to be contacted 24/7.

Get organised… this is step 2 in reducing stress in your life.

Have a less stressed Tuesday

Jen x




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