Start Inside

Do you struggle constantly trying to improve your external appearance to make you feel better inside?


Constant diets, over exercising, new hairstyles, new hair colours, always buying clothes, shoes, bags, getting your teeth whitened, botox, plastic surgery…


So many of us want to try and change the external appearance without loving what is inside first.


You have to love yourself internally to love yourself externally. When you love yourself inside then you will only do the things that make you happy and feel good inside and that will make you look good on the outside.


When I feel shit about myself I generally eat crappy choices that just make me feel worse, but when I don’t give in to that and eat good food when I feel down I start to feel better.


You will eat the right foods to make you feel good, you will do things that make you feel good and not be a punishment (like exercise) you will take time to calm your mind and make room for you and you will smile more and everyone knows that a smile makes you instantly more beautiful.


Maybe you have made yourself really busy with life, working too hard for other people, you might get lost looking after for everyone else feeding them, making them feel loved, making them happy… what about you?


What are you doing to make you feel loved?


Doing things for others is part of who we are but when we prioritise them over ourselves it has a negative effect…


Let’s start to make a list of the things we love about ourselves from the inside…


Minimum 5 now and add another 5 minimum by the end of the day… If you have more than that then keep going.


Time for some self lovin’


Jen x


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