Some people really surprise me

How to stay consistent…

This can be a challenge for all of us, especially if we are trying to achieve a goal and the journey is not the most fun… In fact you might hate the journey.

I remember seeing Jillian Michaels talk (she was one of the personal trainers on America’s Biggest Loser show) and she said that she hated exercise, and that really surprised me because she is mega fit and mega toned. The thing that kept her going to the gym consistently was getting away from the pain – she had been a very fat kid. For her it was more painful to be fat than it was to be in the gym, she didn’t like the gym but it gave her the result that she wanted.

This brings us every time to the WHY? What is the outcome you want and what is the route you need to take to get you there?

Focus and visualise on the end result, make lists under your goals of all the positive outcomes you will have (emotionally and materialistically) from achieving them and have that somewhere so you can see it.

Constant reminders of why you doing what you are doing and what the end result is…

What is the pain that you are trying to get away from and what is the pleasure on the other side.

Everything that we do moves us away from pain or towards pleasure and when we understand what the greater motivation for us is then it makes the journey easier.

When you have worked out what your motivation is, find a way of holding yourself accountable, do you need a coach, a friend, a family member, a public blog of your journey? What is it you need to keep you on track? We are all different in different areas of our life.

Some people need to be in a class environment so they don’t back down in public, some need that one to one personal training approach and other people just go headphones in, head down and power through.

It can be the same no matter what the goal, someone somewhere to keep you on track… That is what the Warrior Woman Project is all about, creating your plan with you and then offering different levels of accountability. The membership website is finally working, check it and the package options out at I still have some bonus content to add to it but once you are signed up and it is live you will have access to it.

Whatever it is you need to do to achieve your goal you have to take action on it every single day. Every decision you make should have some sort of reflection or impact on your outcome, from the food you eat, the exercise you take, the conversations you have, the items you tick off your To Do list…

Congruent and consistent…

Keep going

Jen x

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