small changes make big impacts

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily – John Maxwell…
Is there something in your life that just does not make you happy? Your job, someone who just makes you feel flat or drains you of your energy, the ironing (i have not ironed clothes in more than a decade).

Thing is if YOU don’t do something about it, nothing is going to change. The change can be something as small as not doing the ironing – there are people who will do it for you if it really needs done, yeah it will cost you money but think of the time and happiness you get for that money AND your clothes will be ironed too.

If someone brings your mood down do you really need to spend time with them? Can you avoid them? If not work out a way to tolerate being around them – don’t listen to them, learn how to switch off in their presence. If they really have a big impact on how you feel then you need to do something about it – you don’t need to fall out with them, you can still be civilized in their company but thats all…

Make your days about making you and your loved ones happy (with you as the priority).

Small changes will make big impacts.

Do it now. #wisewords#freedomintraining .

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