Sleep Better Stress Less

How did you sleep last night? It’s recommended that we get 7-8hours of sleep a night for optimal health, resetting the body and reducing stress.

I don’t know about you but I sleep a lot less in the summer than I do in the winter, I seem to wake up with the sun even with blackout curtains, I was not overly delighted on Sunday when I woke up at 452am, I did turn over and go back to sleep till my alarm went off at 630am.

I don’t usually turn back over because when I do and doze off for another hour I feel really groggy and a bit sluggish all day.

Waking up naturally without an alarm is the best way to make sure that you have had enough rest, unfortunately with our work schedules that isn’t always the case so we need to make sure that we get the best quality sleep that we can.

My tips for getting a good night sleep:

Have a night time blend or camomile tea about half an hour before bed.

Get your breakfast, lunch, bag, clothes all ready for tomorrow so you start the day organised.

Get to bed about 10pm, research has shown that any sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours after midnight.

Make sure that your room is cool, a cool room allows for a deeper sleep.

Have a tech free room if possible, if your phone is your alarm then put it on flight mode by 10pm at the latest.

Don’t use computers, laptops, tablets or watch TV an hour before going to bed, the blue light from the screens and monitors has been shown to disturb your sleep hormones making it harder to get to sleep.

Write your To Do list for the following day so you have cleared your head of work.

Write your gratitude journal – 3-5 things you have been grateful for that day. It can be anything from having time to chat with a friend, taking your dog for a walk, eating a really nice dinner, just anything that made you a bit happier that day. You can write the same thing every day if you need to, but when you start looking for things to be grateful for you will find you change and add to your list all the time.

Have a really nice sleeping environment – love your bed, have nice sheets, comfy jammies, whatever makes your night time space feel good.

When you wake in the morning you should feel like you are refreshed and ready to go.

Sleep better, stress less.

Jen x

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