Sing Your Own Song

This week is going to be 5 lessons in how to be the most awesome version of you that you can possibly be…

Today, Monday… Your lesson: You have to sing your own song.

It is so easy to grow up, do what you are told, study what you think you should study and get the job that you have followed the path too. Lots of people do that. Some are quite happy to go that way while others feel like they have missed out on something.

I have always trundled along my own path doing the things that I want to do and changing route when I realised I was off in the wrong direction.

Independent is what my mum always called me.

There is too much going on in the world and life is too short to be wasting your time on stuff that doesn’t make you happy.

Find what you are passionate about, what you love to do and create a life that allows you to do lots of it. Being passionate about something, whether it’s your job or your hobby (or if you are lucky both), live it and love it. The people around you will see and be inspired and motivated by you.

To find it may take time, trial and error, but I would rather spend a lifetime searching for it than a life time settling for what I ended up with.

The only way you can be truly awesome is to sing your own song… A cover version is never the same and everyone can hear that you are not singing your words.

They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but, it makes me sad when I see people not being true to themselves and just a watered down version of their friend / boss / idol.

If you are living your passion, keep doing what you are doing, inspire the people around you.

If you feel like you are stuck and are not on that path yet, keep looking (or start looking).  The Warrior Woman Project could just be what you need to help you get unstuck. For more information go to to get signed up.

Here’s to an awesome & passionate week singing your song (but not the Elton John one)

Jen x

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