Shiny & New

‘Oooh a shiny new distraction… be cautious’

These are very wise words said to me the other night by my friend Janine.

We were getting excited about the start of the new season of Vikings this week (as you should be – History channel / Amazon Prime Thursday 18th Feb) and discussing how things in life were going.

I mentioned a possible new string to my business bow when she replied with those wise words…

‘Oooh a shiny new distraction… be cautious’

Shiny new distractions can seem so appealing, everything is fresh, the ideas can be new, the conversations are new… It’s like when you make a new friend or go in to a new relationship, or start a new job, its new so it’s fun. Then when things start to settle down and you know the basics, you get in to a routine and everything starts to fall in to place and that can get a bit grey at times.

Some people are the magpies and chase the shine all the time, but when life gets a bit grey at times that is when you need to look at it again with fresher eyes… Step away, take a breather, meditate, go on holiday, look at the plan again and find a way to get excited about it again, don’t just jump ship every time one passes…

When it does get a bit grey it is up to you to bring back the colour again.

Get your crayons out 😉

Jen x


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