Shhhhh… Listen

It’s just another manic Monday…

2nd draft of the book went to the publisher over the weekend… As much as it is good to get it away to clear space in my head for other things it is also stomach churning… I hope they like the changes I have made, I hope I like the changes I have made, I hope it makes better sense to people that are not me… so many questions that I just need to sit back and wait for responses about.

Following up from last week. 1, how is your months to do action list going? Are you now making a start on things? 2, how is your meditation / mindfulness / breathing going? 3, how was your funday Friday?

This week I would like you to think about those fears that you were telling me about. When you put it in perspective of walking / reading / driving a car or any other skill you have learned what is different about whatever the task is you want to do (or are stalling to do)? Are you just letting your ego get in the way of taking that step towards something that will potentially make you happier?

What needs to happen to get you to take that leap?

One of my friends recently encountered a price hike in the rent he had to pay for his studio space in the gym he ran his class. He had been talking and thinking for ages about getting his own space but had stalled and been thinking about it for about 2 years. The sudden change in his circumstances had him out, sourced a new space and moved in within a few weeks…

Sometimes the universe throws little hints at you (these can be as subtle hints as ideas) then might throw you a boulder or a hint (change in circumstance) to get you moving.

The boulders don’t always come in time though and it is better to take action on the ideas (like when you start to feel run down, take time off. Don’t wait for the full blown illness to take you out before you take time off).

Practicing your mindfulness will help you be more in tune with these subtle hints and you will be able to hear them because the noisy chatter will be so much quieter.


Jen x



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