Self-Care In Simple Steps

When I tell people that it’s okay to be selfish, I do get some funny looks like I must be mad or that there is something wrong with me… BUT when I ask women how often they actually make time for themselves they struggle to identify any times and they also tell me they are stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes feel like they have lost their identity as a human.

It seems to be really easy for us women to fall in to the labels created for us; mum, wife, teacher, cleaner, cook, business woman… and that is fine for a while, but there is a whole lot more to us than ‘just’ that label.

The first time I realised that I had lost my identity was shortly after my marriage ended. All of a sudden I was no longer part of a 2, I was a 1 floating about in this big bad world without my best friend by my side to share the good and bad times with…

The first step to finding your identity is self-care. It took me a long time and a few hard lessons to realise that I needed to prioritise myself and my health so that I could be the best person to the people around me that needed me to fill the role in my labels…

It can be hard to know where to start, so in the run up to my book being launched I want to give you something for FREE, my 31 days of Self-care, these are small things to add to your day. There won’t be much time or space taken up BUT you will start to feel a difference very quickly…

To download your FREE copy today just click over to and start looking after you right now.

Jen x

PS Please share this with anyone and everyone that you feel will benefit from a little bit of self-care

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