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Monday’s seem to roll round faster and faster every week!! I feel like we are steamrolling to the New Year and bam before we know it that is exactly where we will be.

I am working on getting things in place for next year, saying that there are days that I really struggle to sit down and get work done. I have had a few weeks of broken days, out teaching in the morning, then again in the afternoon and back out in the evening and I feel like the time in between I should be getting more done.

There are days that I sit down to do some work and it takes me nearly an hour just to get settled in to what I am supposed to be doing then I need to get ready and head back out to work. There is quite a bit of procrastination going on and I am getting annoyed with myself.

Luckily, I have been having a good chat to myself (as per last week’s email) and I have been working out the best way to get stuff done.

There has been a couple of ways suggested to me recently, one of them the 90 minute day, that is where you switch off everything that can possibly distract you and work directly on your business for 90 minutes…

That is a great plan and some days that works for me, some days I don’t have a solid 90 minutes to sit down and some days the thought of 90 minutes overwhelms me completely.

Another idea that I read about recently was getting 10% done… 10% is better than 0%, usually that first 10% is usually the hardest too… if you have ever been to a spin class or out for a run, the first 5-10 mins feels awful until you get your breathing under control and in to your stride.

Work can be a bit like that too, getting organised and settling in to the task. Eating healthy can be like that, getting the shopping, learning new recipes, getting your week organised.

The thing is, once you get set up and going it’s actually pretty straightforward. You get in to a flow and just get stuff done.

When I was writing the first draft of my book I would take a good 30-60 mins to get set up, order my tea, get settled in then all of a sudden 3 or 4 hours had passed and I had worked through a couple of chapters.

So, when you find you are struggling to get settled in to something, whether it’s work or cooking or even your chill time. Find a way that works for you either give yourself an allocated time or set a specific task and get it done…

Your To Do list doesn’t count as a thing though… You need to be ticking things off that list.

Have a great week

Jen x

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