Saturday Pilates is moving back west

So, 31st May 2014 is the last Forward Fitness class at That Place studio… end of an era. Chapter closed.

New chapter, 7th June 2014, Freedom In Training starts a new 10am Saturday Pilates class in a new location. SDTA, 101 Park Rd, Glasgow over in the Westend just next to Kelvinbridge underground, Sonny and Vito’s (that means tea and scones after class) and next to the park so on sunny days we might venture in to the part to do class outside.

Good news and bad news… the class is already nearly full. There are only 2 spaces left for the first block. After that it will be a one in one out only option.

Now this Pilates class is not for you if you want to lie on the floor and do some breathing, we work hard in the class, you want to see the benefit of the exercises and I want to see you get results – no matter what level you come in at. Every exercise we do has an adaptation for skill level or injury and a progression to challenge you as you  get stronger.

It is also not for you if you don’t want to join in some conversation and learn about things that are not just about Pilates, we have conversation about a wide range of things from what to eat, when to eat, why your body reacts in certain ways to different foods, why it hurts after exercise right through to how to tie a scarf to get the most heat benefit.

We are a community and friendships have been built and we love to see new faces join us (and old faces come back).

There are only 2 spaces left so if you want to snap one up you can book through the link. Because of the demand for the class we don’t do drop in sessions, you get to have your space for the whole month to avoid disappointment – no one wants to get up on a Saturday morning to find out they can’t get in to their class.  Book here >>> 

If you get redirected through to the website and don’t get a receipt then unfortunately you have missed out on the last spaces. BUT if you sign up for the newsletter you will be first to know when a space is available OR when I announce more new classes.

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