Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen

Dark nights are rolling in, the air is getting cooler… I am already in winter veg mode and all about the roast veg pie. Pastry is not the best food for you but I figure if it is accompanies by a mountain of veg then it’s allowed every now and again.

Roast up your veg – anything you like, I like to do this in the slow cooker with a little bit of stock otherwise in the oven with some seasoning (I use salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and Braggs Sea Kelp seasoning)

My favourite winter veg to roast includes:


Sweet potato





Butternut Squash

Once I have roasted up my veg I transfer it to a pie or lasagne dish, pour over some veg gravy, layer over the puff pastry, paint the pastry with a dash of milk to make it go shiny the bake it off in the oven following the pastry cooking instructions.

Hmmmmmm….. Yum!

Have a fab weekend

Jen x



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