Review & Plan

Last day of the month is more reflection and forward planning. I hope you took me up on my challenge yesterday and ticked something you have been avoiding off.

Now we review in more detail where we are and where we want to be going as we move forward in to April.

What do you want to have achieved? What needs to be done to get you there?

Start creating your list, break it down in to simple steps that don’t overwhelm you. Little things that you can take action of every single day to move you towards whatever it is you dream of doing or being.

If you have a vision board, update it, move things around on it, remind yourself what it is you want, refresh those goals in your head.

Visualise you doing / being that dream or goal (just the end result, not the journey it takes you to get there, those details are not important in the final image).

I want this to be your best year to date. If it has started off on a rocky path, that is past, deal with today and now (remember from last week staying present in today and in your moment) be with right now.

Have a fantastic final day of March

Jen x

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