Review of the last day

I am delighted to share with you that I have been getting some emails from my lovely readers about the reflections they have been having over the last week or so…

Some of you have already realised areas that you need to work on next year… Like take more than 1 of your annual leave entitlement days… Everyone needs a holiday!!

Others have committed to actually taking action on the lists and ideas that you are getting from my emails instead of just agreeing with them and thinking ‘that’s a great idea’ – take action and do something that holds you accountable, whether you sign up with the Warrior Woman Project ( or sign up with someone else that can help you on your journey… Make that commitment to yourself and let’s be making consistent small changes next year.

I really want to say HIYA to my readers all the way across the other side of the world in Australia… I found out that I have at least 2 readers over there… It’s possibly already the 1st or nearly… so, Happy New Year! And thank you for letting me know who and where you are… I LOVE that shit!

Then there are the success stories, the warriors that have gone through the 12 week process (some more than once) – just speaking to you all I hear the difference in your language, you are not so hard on yourself, you are more confident than you were 12 weeks ago, you have started moving forward in your businesses and careers, making decisions that make you happier and you have seen the positive response from those around you… You have worked on you, you have made a difference and you have realised that you didn’t actually have to change that much… I am SOOOOO proud of you ladies and can’t wait to see how far you go next year…

To check out some of the testimonials just head over to, real warriors with real results.

Have a very happy Hogmanay, and may this year let you end some chapters and start a whole lot more.

Jen x

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