Reflect and Acknowledge

Day 31 Reflect and acknowledge

Sit back today and look over the last month

Day 1 – Self-love letter, Day 2 – Meditate, Day 3 – Create a ritual, Day 4 – Take a bath, Day 5 – Eat mindfully,

Day 6 – Go barefoot, Day 7 – Tech-tox, Day 8 Delegate, Day 9 Write your fears, Day 10 schedule your day,

Day 11 Gaze at the stars, Day 12 Start Journaling, Day 13 de-clutter, Day 14 Buy yourself blooms, Day 15 Write your dreams,

Day 16 Pamper yourself, Day 17 Create boundaries, Day 18 eat clean, Day 19 watch the sunrise

Day 20 get in to nature, Day 21 go somewhere new, Day 22 say I love you, Day 23 treat your face

Day 24 write your goals, Day 25 smile all day, Day 26 Push your boundaries, Day 27 kitchen afternoon,

Day 28 create a happy space, Day 29 breathe, Day 30 embrace strength

How many of them did you take on board? How many of them did you embrace?

Have you looked at your week and scheduled more time in for you?

Even if it is 1 or 2 of the things from the list that is better than none.

If you read the emails every day and thought, yeah I must do that but haven’t got round to doing it yet then I am going to ask you this:

What is stopping you from looking after yourself? Why do you not think you are important enough?

If you need more accountability then maybe you need to sign up for the Warrior Woman Project…

Jen  x

P.S Warrior Woman Project Online is now open for you to start your journey to finding who you are and what it is you want…

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