Reconnecting with my zen

Reconnecting with my zen…

Something that I have been missing the last few months has been my yoga classes. The Monday night class that I was going along to I have missed because of being away, working, generally I have let life get in the way and my Thursday morning class has been off while the studio relocated to its new premises.

I really felt out of whack and I am pretty sure that not having those 2 hours  a week of focused me time has had an impact on my centre and vibrations.

That’s why the last few weeks I have been spending my Friday days off getting out in to the hills, fresh air, disconnecting from the city and my phone for most part of the day and it has been delightful.

I feel more and more settled and calm, recalibrated and have less need for stuff to distract me from life.

I have even gone as far as to cancel my TV package now my flatmate is moving out because for over 2 months I didn’t have the TV on at all…

When she does move out at the end of this month I am redecorating the room, moving my TV and DVD’s in there and creating a calm reading space in my living room and a working space in the spare room.

During the 31 Days Healthier Happier one of the days is create your happy space and that is exactly what I am doing.

This month’s 31 days runs through to 27th July so you can jump in to the group at any time and we will start from the beginning again on 01st August… To join us it’s completely free, just head over to and request to join the group.

This weekend I want you to pay attention to how you feel, start to get in tune with what your body wants you to do, does it need rest, or good food, or some exercise? Do you need to disconnect from chaos or reconnect with people and nature?

Being aware is a big step in the right direction…

With love

Jen x




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