Put it in your diary

Day 10 Schedule you time, I am one of those people who has to have everything in my calendar or I will forget where and when I am supposed to be places… One of the challenges of being freelance self-employed, you are rarely in the same place for a whole day.
How many times have you got to the end of the day, looked at your to do list and thought ‘crap it just seems to get longer instead of shorter’?
Do you start to feel stressed and anxious just thinking about your workload to the point that you hide from everyone and everything and get sweet F.A done?
Overwhelmed to the point that breathing doesn’t happen naturally?
Yip been there, and found myself internally freaking out about it and procrastinating big time…
Take a BIG deep breath, stop and step back.
Look at your week ahead and plan out the work you have, where you need to be, and also if you have any social events coming up. Include travel time, meal times including cooking time, gym sessions and any other classes or hobbies that you like to do.
Once you know what the goal or outcome of each time slot is, it makes it easier to set a plan so you can achieve that specific goal.
We all have the same 24hours in the day, 7 days in the week.
How you use your time reflects on how much you achieve through the week.
My tips:
Take away distractions – remove social media apps from your phone or keep your phone in a different room while you are working. Only have the tools you need to do the task.
Listen to music that calms you, I have been listening to classical music a lot recently and found it calms me down and helps me focus (I know that is not the same for everyone, one of my friends gets really agitated with classical music). Find what works best for you.
Know what your goal for the allocated time slot is and work towards that specifically.
Work on one task at a time and know when you need it completed by and work to that schedule.
Remember day 8 – delegate, use the people around you to help you out if the load is too much.
Get some day 2 meditation in there. Taking mini meditation breaks throughout the day helps clear your head and makes you more productive.
Use day 3 creating a ritual to be scheduling your week to help take some of the stress off, then created more rituals within that schedule to: meditate, eat mindfully, get food prepared, get work done.
See how we are using the previous days here to help build something useful and productive. By adding each day and not forgetting yesterday’s task we are creating a streamlined lifestyle that you will be grateful for.
There will times when shit happens and you have to reschedule things, but when you can see clearly where there are gaps  it is less daunting and you can still be very productive. I used to get really shitty when people messed with my week, but putting this all in to practice has made it so much easier.
Laid back, chilled and getting a lot done…
Jen x


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