Push your boundaries

Day 26 Push your boundaries

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. By now you have your fears, your dreams and your goals.

We like what it is we know, life can be good here, it’s easy here, it’s comfortable.

But maybe it could all be better, maybe it could be more exciting, maybe it could be happier.

Overcoming your fears is pushing your boundaries can take us to a place where we want to run away and hide, but overcoming the fear gives you a sense of achievement and boosts your confidence.

You learn lots about yourself, about your capabilities, your resilience, about strengths you might not have known you had.

Don’t keep doing the same thing every day but expecting different results or keep on just because it’s what you always do (and is now easy).

Break a habit, make a change, do something that challenges you and will give you a result that will improve your world. Even if it doesn’t work, you now know a way not to do again.

Whether it is changing career, losing weight, getting fitter or getting happy, you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

That is where change will happen.

Remember, you don’t need to do it alone, you can ask for help, find the person who will push you and support you and be there to hold your hand if you need it.

We all need help with some stuff.

Jen x

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