Practising what I preach

Following on from yesterday’s email I had another realisation about listening to the universe…
Several times in the last few years I have agreed to enter contracts where I was accepting security over what I really wanted that gave me the freedom to run my business the way I want (my business values freedom is right up there at the top and security is down near the bottom of my top 12) my motive both times had been security, to have someone hold my hand (which can be fine to reach out for help but not necessarily for me to have them do the work, or even really share the burdon).
So far each contract or situation has fallen through…
Every single time I saw these as a diversion rather than the end of the road, this is the universe telling me that is not the right path for me and I need to take a turn in another direction…The direction I choose isn’t always the right one, and sometimes there are more trial and errors than outright successes… Frustrating as it is, scary as it is, you need to do what is right for your heart and soul… For some being in a contract is the right thing, security is highly important.
When the universe roadblocks you (redundancy, contracts or partnerships falling through, getting the sack etc), don’t see it as the end, see it as a sign you are going the wrong way and there is something else out there that fits you better.
One of the signs I am getting right now is I am taking on too much and I need to back down a bit… With that in mind I am going to take a few days off from my emails to reset, I have to practice what I preach, so instead of just leaving you with nothing for the rest of the week I am going to re-share some of the most read and responded to emails from the last couple of years.
Take care and do what is right for you, with love
Jen x

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