Pilates You Say… What Is That?

When you say Pilates to people you get a few different responses… ‘What is that?’, ‘Oh, that’s like Yoga!’, ‘that’s just lying on a mat stretching’, ‘that’s for old people’, ‘that’s a woman’s class’, ‘I tried that once, didn’t like it, it wasn’t hard enough’.

I teach it a bit differently. I combined my knowledge and experience of working with people to create a class that’s ‘fun’, well what I call it, and they laugh (sometimes) and they swear (more than they laugh).

It’s not just for women, half the class are men. It’s not for old people, if you wait till you are old then you might already be leaking out pee and let’s face it, no one want’s to be around someone that smells of pee.

Start young and you will have a trampoline proof pelvic floor.

Boy’s and girls, you will improve the quality of the sex you are having.

Sort your posture now and you will be walking like an Amazonian model. No one want’s the old person’s hump back, and if you have already started to get  that a bit we can work on fixing it.

Everyone who sits at a desk or in a car all day will have a tight lower back, tight hips and probably tight hamstrings… Yip, we work on that too.

If you are still not sure and fancy coming along to try, get in touch for a free taster session or if you want to secure a space now you can book below.

When: Saturday, 10am – 11am

Where: SDTA, 101 Park Rd, Glasgow, G4 9JE (Just behind The Stand Comedy Club at the end of woodlands Rd)

Cost: £40 per month

Whats included: Weekly class, your own mat, tennis ball and resistance band, a whole lot of fun.

To Book:



Prefer one to one Pilates instead of group training? Just get in contact to discuss options either email jen@freedomintraining.co.uk or call/text 07875036659

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