Out of my depth

So back in June I was in Peterborough for product training with the Indoor Cycling Group.

I was working with the Master Trainers from all across Europe, the head of training from here in the UK and the director of education from the States.

I kept pinching myself, wondering if it was a dream.

These guys are elite athletes, Olympic champions, Triathletes (and not the wee short distance ones that I have taken part in – full Olympic distance) and Ironmen competitors and some of them are seriously intelligent with PhD’s.

Then there is me… wee Jen from Glasgow that teaches indoor cycling to the best customers in Maryhill leisure centre…

In my head I am totally out my depth here… In reality, I was identified by the boss men Graham and Doyle as someone with potential to be part of this team.

Enter day one of being proud…

How often do you look at your life and wonder how the hell you got there?

Someone somewhere saw something in you and gave you a helping hand.

You believed enough in yourself to accept that help and take the step forward.

Why is it then that we suddenly stop and question our abilities?

What is it that you need to start believing in yourself again?

I want you to make a list of all your achievements in the last 12 months…


If you read a book start to finish. Joined a club / group / course. Got a promotion in work. Changed jobs. Took the family on holiday. Paid off a credit card. Completed any task that you set out to do.

Write them all down.

What motivated you to do these tasks?

Let me know…

And how did I get on? I loved it, didn’t feel out of my depth at all, joined in conversation and discussion about stuff I learned at uni (I did actually learn stuff there) and performed well on the bike.

I have another 2 days with a different group today, this time, I am excited about it.

Jen x

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