No Regrets

I was having tea and cake with a new friend the other day and we were discussing the things we have done in life (she is 10years younger than me), the adventures we have had, and the challenges thrown in to our paths and what the future may or may not hold for us.

I have many friends that are in their late 20’s that are going through many of the similar challenges I have been through and I although I have the best part of 10 years on them, most of the time I don’t feel old, I am blessed to have good genes that I don’t look old and I have a young soul, but I do have the added benefit of being wise and experienced in life that I wouldn’t want to go back and repeat any of the life I have already lived (and I have many, many happy memories).

Our conversation got me thinking, she had said that I didn’t sound like I had any regrets which I had hesitantly agreed with. On reflection I can, with no hesitation agree that there are no regrets. Not a single one. Every experience, connection, conversation, devastation happens and shapes us to be the people we become.

In hindsight we would maybe say or react to situations differently but if we know that we always do the best we can in that very moment with the information we have available to us then we really can’t ask or expect anything else from ourselves.

In every situation it is important to feel it for what it is but not get stuck in it (glory or devastation) we always want to keep moving forward, taking with us the lessons that we learn and not having a single regret…

Instead of wishing we had done things sooner or looking back wishing we had done things differently, let’s look at where we are right now and accept the paths we have taken, the reactions we had, and the decisions made as the right ones at the time and think about how we would do things going forward…

Sometimes it will be exactly the same, sometimes completely the opposite and other times somewhere in-between…

No regrets this fine Monday morning

With love

Jen x

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