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I have been having a lot of conversations with people recently about my business and why I created the Warrior Woman Project.

I have been working with predominantly women now for nearly 7 years, over the years I have had many women come to me with an image in their mind that they wanted to look a certain way, usually that was a fitness model, an athlete or an actress.

The thing about these imagaes is most of the women don’t look like that in real life, thanks to Photoshop an unrealistic has been created or if she hadn’t been Photoshopped, her body is her business and her full time job is working on her body to look that way.

There are not many women I work with that have the time to put that amount of work in, most of the women who come to me are juggling things just to get a couple of hours in a week.

With that in mind I realised that there was a really important part missing, working on mindset.

How many times do you start a diet on a Monday, eat like a saint all the way through to Friday, end up tanning a bottle of wine, family size bag of crisps, a loaf of bread then feel like a complete failure so continue the binge all weekend with the plan on starting again on the Monday?

Back in September 2010 I embarked on my own discovery journey where I stepped back, assessed what was going on in my life and started to rebuild things. I used this really cool thing called NLP to help change the way I thought about life to create a more positive outlook and over the years learned NLP techniques and became a master practitioner myself so that I could bring what I had used to my clients to help them have the success in happiness that I am having.

Now don’t get me wrong, it has been bloody hard at times and there are still things that I am working on, just last week I was telling you that I have gone back to week 1 of the Warrior Woman Project myself.

When we start it is always challenging, we need to make changes in our life, we need to make decisions that not everyone else is going to like but what we have to remember is change is what will take us to where we want to be.

If we want to feel and look healthier we need to get organised with our food and stop having a bag of kettle crisps for dinner, we need to find some activity that we look forward to going to so that exercise doesn’t feel like a challenge or punishment.

We also need to let it go if we have a bad day and eat a bit too much cake or drink too much wine. A one off is not going to undo all the hard work you have already put in. You need to draw a line under it and get back on track at the next meal.

With the Warrior Woman Project I get to help women have more focus, get clarity on what it is you  actually want (not what society thinks you should be like), you get to understand that you are not alone, and you are not mental, we take away the fear that comes with change, we create a plan and organise your time so you can see how to fit things in to your already busy life and discuss your contingency plan, what to do when you drop the ball…

I feel really lucky that I get to see amazing women realise how amazing they are and start doing even more amazing things for themselves…

If it sounds like something you need in your life head over to to check out the packages. If you have any questions then just hit reply to this email or if the packages don’t quite fit your needs then get in contact and we can piece together a package that works  for you.

Have a beautiful Monday

Jen x

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