My Random Adventures

My Friday adventure last week took me to a very much needed mindfulness yoga class over in Paisley and then I had to decide what beach I wanted to head off to… When I googles beaches west coast Scotland all the ones I wanted to go to were about 5hours drive away so instead I zoomed out on my satnav map to see where I was close to (I seem to have chucked out my paper road map)…

Largs… I was going to go there, get the ferry over to Millport and cycle round the island…

My mum loves Millport, her and my dad go regularly with the dog and stay looking out over the bay. My mum used to go for the whole month of July back when she was a kid and I had only been over a couple of times before just for the day so didn’t have any particular attachment to it.

I now do!

I arrived in the port, got the bus in to town and found a bike shop to rent my bike, if you go over go to Bremners cycle hire next to Frasers bar. Mr Bremner is a gem, we had a good old chat for about 20 minutes while he was getting my bike ready. He told me it would take about an hour to cycle round the whole island so I took the bike for 2 hours so I could stop off at one of the beaches to have my beach time…

What a great cycle it was, the sun shining, the wind in my hair, smiling and saying hi to everyone I passed. The tiny little beach I stopped off at was perfect, I even paddled in the sea.

Once I finished my cycle I asked Mr Bremner about the walk up to the highest point, got my directions and headed up the hill. What a view at the top, it’s not that high only 417ft but the views are spectacular. I could have sat there until sunset if I had high viz clothes or a torch to take me back down the hill so I didn’t take any chances and headed back to the ferry while it was still full daylight. I had another good chat with a few of the other people that were up at the top too.

We need to remember to connect with ourselves, take time away from our normal lives and the people that we are usually around to ground, centre, re-calibrate and re-energize ourselves.

It can be easy to get bogged down with the day to day routine and before we know it weeks and months have passed and there are goals that are not even remotely ticked off or even started (unless of course you set and review your goals with me every month).

Are you remembering to take time for yourself, getting out, connecting with yourself, connecting with others?

If you haven’t for a while, make this a priority for this week, even if it is for half an hour, get away, re-energize and notice how much better you feel.

Have a beautiful Tuesday

Jen x

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