My Mum Amazed Me

Here is your back up plan if change just seems too big and overwhelming a task right now…

Each day add just 1 new thing in to your life, maybe it is buying coffee from somewhere different, maybe it is taking a packed lunch instead of buying it in, maybe it is taking a different route to work, maybe it is wearing your watch on your other wrist.

It doesn’t need to be anything major, just something that breaks the usual routine. Familiarity is nice, knowing where you are meant to be and when helps you plan and organise your days effectively.

By throwing something in that is different allows you to snap out of the routine trance state where you just go through the motions and not remember what happened by the end of the day. Your day might feel a little bit different, or it might not be the day but that moment where you consciously connect with what you are doing because it is different.

Build a bit of confidence with these small changes and you may surprise yourself to what you can do.

When I was in London recently with my mum she had a whole weekend of experiences that made me so proud of her.

First off, when we arrived in the city we went to a pub for some lunch and she went to the bar to order for us (this is pretty major). Then we went to Wagamama’s for food (trying food she wasn’t sure exactly what it was, again major), the next day she ate street food at Camden market (again she wasn’t 100% sure what she was getting but went with it anyway) and she bought lunch for a homeless man when we were over at Covent Garden.

These were all what I saw to be pretty massive steps for my mum, we were talking about it at dinner the other night and the only reason she felt that she could make these steps was because she had actively for the last 4 months been participating in my 31 days healthier happier group. Each day there is a small task to try out, these are all just to help you make those small steps, to help you build your confidence.

I always hope that my work helps people, getting to see it actually happen in front of my very eyes is amazing and reassuring that I do know what I am doing and what I do works.

If you haven’t joined the group yet head over to Facebook if you don’t have facebook there is an ebook that you can download, just reply to this email and I will send it over. If you have joined the group but you just watch and don’t take action on any of the days, give a couple of them a go, see how things work out for you.

If you want to make change happen, you will find a way to make it happen. Remember it doesn’t need to be massive shifts in your life, tiny steps (like trying new food) can make a bigger difference in your life that you think.

With love

Jen x

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