My Goals & Accountability

So, 1st of September… What are your thoughts on the rest of the year? Did you have a think about some goals?
My goals for this month:
Be in bed before 1030pm
Alarm set for 530am on working days to do morning pages and yoga before I leave my room
Make sure I am drinking enough water (as the weather gets cooler I tend to forget)
Proper meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day
Take more chances and be open to more opportunities.
Now you might be thinking ‘Jen, is this not already your routine?’ and it should be my routine, however… September is a busy month for me with 2 fitness conventions away overnight and a couple of training courses to deliver meaning that I am going to have to make sure that I am organised and prepared for not being in the house to cook whenever I am hungry.
I am also human and have a tendency to stick with the familiar behaviour patterns that make life easy…
No more bullshit – that goes for all of us.
Our health, our happiness, and our self-care need to be the priorities so we are always bringing our best self to the table.
Share your goals on the Warrior Woman Project Facebook page
You can also get a bit more info on the Warrior Woman Project and see what I look like for those of you who don’t know me
Jen x

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