My competitiveness cost me

I haven’t been sleeping the best recently and had head people talking about apps that you can get for your phone to track your sleep.

I have a windows phone that only has apps to track if you talk in your sleep so I got myself a FitBit.

This funky wee gadget not only tracks your sleep but also your activity levels through the day, how many steps you take, how far you have travelled, how and when you are most active.

I am a GEEK so I love all these numbers. I am also quite competitive. You can add friends and see how many steps they are taking.

I have a couple of other instructors on my friends list and we have a healthy wee competition going trying to out step each other…

I take it a bit far at times and went to Tesco at 10pm one night not only to get coconut oil but to increase my steps because I had dropped to 3rd place (I really did that Maria lol).

I got my steps up another 2000 steps (walked up and down every aisle in the place) which cost me £35…

Put me back to 2nd place, Tommy is way ahead of the game with 133, 572 steps for the week so I have a bit more moving to catch up with him.

Having this we leader board is so motivating and fun. It is something that you could do with your family, friends or work colleagues.

The government’s guidelines say we should be taking 10,000 steps a day.

You would be surprised how few you do on a regular day if you have a desk job but also how easy it is to get the steps up when you can monitor it.

You can get the FitBit One which you just keep in your pocket or if you are like me and know that will end up in the washing machine after day 1, the FitBit Flex which has a funky wristband , all you need to do is charge it up roughly every 5 days.

Get yourself moving more, feeling better and staying motivated with a bit of healthy competition. If you click on the product name it will take you through to amazon to buy yours.

Even taking 20-30mins out your day to walk in the fresh air, clear your head, have time to think, get your steps up and soak up some vitamin D from the sunshine (you will still get some through the clouds too), you will be amazed how much more productive you are just taking that time to yourself.

Everyone’s journey starts with steps. Just make yours 10,000+ in a day.

Jen x

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