Move Away, Get Closer

Welcome to the final 3rd of the year…

One of my friends shared a memory on facebook that was a post that said ‘Don’t work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You’re not tired; you’re uninspired’

How much pain do you need to be in before you seek out change? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Now these are question that the answer is going to be different for everyone. I have been talking about perception and perspective recently and I think it’s important to understand that every one of us is totally different.

We either move away from pain or towards pleasure depending on the situation.

This is where your values kick in. I recently did a D.I.S.C profile and many interesting factors came out but one of my main driving forces (it was very high 86%) is ethical/moral, which means that decisions I make are based around this and when I go against it I generally feel awful.

Knowing this information is greatly beneficial though in understanding my behaviours. The results match up with my values list that I have done previously (and have talked about before in emails – I will cover this again in tomorrow’s email) being trust & honesty.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

So how much paid does there need to be for me to change my behaviours? If I am moving away from trust and honesty in a situation, I take it as my responsibility to change.

If discover that a brand I use was tested on animals, I would actively change my brand to use one that doesn’t. There are many people that information doesn’t bother them, and that is fine for them, but not for me.

We all have our own rules about what fits and what doesn’t and when we live by our rules things move along nicely, but when we are not working with them, things don’t feel right and that is when we need to bring in our inspiration and motivation to change…

If there was one thing that you would really, truly like to change this month, what would it be?

We are restarting 31 Days Healthier & Happier on Monday (5th Sept) if you want some help working it out, if you haven’t already joined:

Share it with anyone and everyone that you think might benefit

Happy 1st of September

With love

Jen x

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