Monday Connection

It’s Monday again, this morning I am in London for 2 days of Master Trainer Training… I get to spend the next 2 days learning from more amazing people about delivering indoor cycling product courses.

I love these training days not just because I get to go on long train journeys, stay in hotels, have Epsom salts baths and have someone else cook for me but I get to learn and not just about the products and what it is we deliver when we go out in to gyms.

I get to be with people from different countries, see how others teach, see how they deliver and get to upskill my own communication skills. I need to think about how I speak, the speed I talk at (which can be pretty fast) and the different ways that we communicate with each other.

It’s not just about the words we use, it’s our body language, facial expressions, and tone.

How people connect and communicate fascinates me and I seem to be coming across more and more people that want real life connection rather than just texts and social media. These do have their uses for fast communication and making arrangements. But nothing beats real face to face time.

That is why most of the woman who signed up to the Warrior Woman Project took the option to have a couple of one to one sessions with me.

Having the weekly tasks delivered to their inbox means they can work on it in their own time but having those one to one sessions’ means that they can talk through things to get their thoughts and ideas clear in their head along with being held more accountable. They WILL take action.

When we live in a world that seems to be stuck behind a keyboard it’s good to get real words with real people. You can hear and feel their tone and mood which can totally get lost when you are reading it on screen…

Ever read a message and thought that someone was being really rude or short with you and when you spoke to them it was the complete opposite?

Take some time to have some real conversations and connect with people

Happy Monday

Jen x


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