Make it a treat

Continuing on from yesterdays email about starting to love what is inside first… How did you get on with the task?

Today I want to bring your attention to your actions… If you are someone who emotionally eats, how do you know when it’s time to eat/drink? What just happened that sent you to the kitchen? Is there something else you could go and do instead?

Ask yourself these same questions whatever your obsessive or negative action is; drinking, shopping, exercise.

What is it that happens right before you bury your head in the sand / distract yourself?

This is a tough thing to do but when you get your head around it and realise it is not as bad as you think it is it will be a much greater benefit to you.

When something happens that causes a wobble – someone says something to hurt you, you think things to hurt you, things don’t work out how you hoped or planned… Notice what the emotion is that comes with that; hurt, sadness, pain, regret or whatever it might be and acknowledge it but don’t get caught up in the story of what happened then move on.

The more you rerun the story, the more dramatic it becomes.

We use food and drink as a comforter or reward system and that is damaging to our health so it is important to retrain your thoughts about them.

Have food & alcohol as a treat but never as a reward. You do not deserve or need the wine, chocolate, cake etc, you have it as a treat and something to look forward to.

It will be challenging especially if you have been brought up with the, be good and you will get… rather than it’s Friday, that means chocolate biscuit day.

Keep going, keep focused on the internal self love and do more of what makes you happy.

Have an acknowledging day

Jen x

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